The FDA is worthless

3M is going to kill someone and the FDA doesn't care. 3M lies about what is in their ketac dental cement. They say it does not contain acrylic, but it does. Some people are highly allergic to acrylic and could go into anaphylactic shock. It should be the FDA's responsibility to do something about a dangerous situation but they did nothing when I reported this to them. I found out after having over $12,000 in dental work put in with their ketac cement - after being told that it has no acrylic. I called them and e-mailed them telling them that I was allergic to acrylic and needed a cement that had no acrylic in it. Even after my tongue turned all white and started burning they told me there was no acrylic in the cement. They have the MSDS online. One ingredient is called polyethylene polycarbonic acid. I looked up the CAS # next to it and saw that it is really maleic acid - acrylic acid copolymer. I then wrote back to 3M and they admitted that the cement has acrylic. I pointed out that someone who is more allergic than I am could DIE. But they have not changed the label on the cement. I told the FDA that this was a dangerous situation and that they have to properly label their products, but the FDA just blew me off.

Update - FINALLY almost a

Update - FINALLY almost a year after I complained 3M has changed the MSDS to show the product contains acrylic. It still burns me up that the FDA blew me off when I told them about this problem. The guy I talked to acted like there was nothing wrong with 3M lying about it.

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