Rating Feedback for Dr. Delvecchio (2405495)

The rating:
'I have so many things to say that I would not have enough room to write. I am a highly educated former medical industry professional. I tried to research a doctior based on expertise and experience. Unfortuanetly, two surgerys later I am tortured by my decsion to have Dr Del Vecchio come any where near my body. I say this with the utmost sincerity, honesty, and first hadn knowledge...please do not go to this doctor. He pushed me into fat grafting on top of breast implants and liposuction. Every part of me that he has touched is a mess. I have huge "peach sized" lumps in my breast (fat grafting), a double bubble, capsular contraction (breast implant), horrible dents in my stomach from lipo, uneven hips-lipo...a total mess. I have never experienced someone treating me the way he does, he is a horribel horrible man. I have nightmares about him. If I can persuade any one women from going to him then it will be just a start of my mission.'
I'm in a similar position I'd like to hear more of your experience, please if you see this email me Id love to talk to someone who's gone through this -