Rating Feedback for Dr. ROSENSTEIN (1782276)

The rating:
'BEWARE!! BEWARE!! This doctor is money hungry and ruthless. I went for a checkup to get a skin graft and they told me my insurance was accepted. I found out later that it was not and got a bill for $150 because I was forced to cancel the appointment. I explained my case to the doctor but he continued to send me bills and threatening letters and now I am being hounded by collection calls and letters after only 3 months!! I have contacted Jennifer at the doctor office and all I receive is cold rude responses that I have no choice but to pay immediately and that I "made the doctor lose thousands of dollars" due to my cancellation. My credit has now suffered which has caused me anguish because I was about to apply for a mortgage and now have to pay hundreds of dollars more a month. He may be a good doctor and I have no idea but it is clear that he has no compassion for anyone. I make a minimum salary and this has just left me in a difficult quandry. Please look elsewhwere for a REAL doctor'
1. Every patient is made aware and signs our office policy which states that there is a charge of $150 for broken appointments of 1 hour or more with less than 24 hours notice. This individuals spouse (the patient) signed this agreement and failed to show up for her appointment and did not call to cancel either.
2. This patient originally presented to our office with an insurance plan in which we participate. During the course of treatment she changed plans without notifying us of the new policy (Blue Cross Blue Shield), in which we are not a participating member.
3. This patient was billed repeatedly and warned b y phone ans mail for 4 months regarding outstanding balance. All notices were ignored.