Rating Feedback for Dr. Garner (386839)

The rating:
'I had a facelift performed by Dr. Garner and it was a mess. It was apparent after the first week that one side was not right. At first he said to wait to six months as it may resolve by itself. At six months I came in again and was told to wait another six months. When I came in five months later he told me to go to see other PSs in the area to inquire about fixing it. He acknowledged the problem but said he didn't know how to fix it. One side of the face needed to be redraped upward because it had much more drooping skin than the other side and it was very noticable especially when I spoke. He also did not take into consideration the shape of my face when he did the procedure. I had high, full cheek bones prior to surgery and now have sunken hollows around my eyes. The facelift (termed "face droop" by my husband) was done downward and back instead of lifted upward and back. I would never go back to Dr. Garner for any reason.'
I second your distress. I had a very similar experience with a severely messed up facial surgery at the hands of Dr. Garner. I wonder how many of us there are out there who have endured this nightmare? Perhaps we should all get together and have a talk.