Rating Feedback for Dr. Christenbury (2465674)

The rating:
'I am so tired of hearing this doctor's ads on the radio. He claims to be the best and that he has performed the most surgeries, and he probably has because he operates an assembly line. However, that is not the type of doctor that you search for when having an eye procedure. After he convinced me that I would not need contacts, glasses or reading glasses after the ReStor procedure, I had to endure 3 PRKs in one eye and 2 in the other. I still need reading glasses, have blurry vision and halos. I cannot see in a dimly lit room or read anything on a dark background. Please do your research and find a doctor that is honest and really cares about your vision instead of fattening his wallet.'
I cannot stand to see this guys ads either. He is losing his building and not paying his bills. This place is going under fast. It stays empty. He is an egomaniac. This is not a doctor you would want to have do any surgery on you. The prices are way higher then any where else and you will get better service else where. STAY AWAY !!