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'he didnt allowed me to read my own private medical profile but gave away my medical information to nurses/social workers that had nothing to do with me.As a consecuence I lost my privacy, I had lost my work in many occations because of him releasing my information. I do NOT have anything contagious at all or any illness that can be transmissible. He send people to follow me at work and to videotape me when i was "eating" and used that information for his "studies" about anorexia. I felt stalked many times by the man who was videotaping me in order to give him the tapes. That is unhuman, unethical,irresponsible behavieur. He never allows me to see my medical file for unknown reasons which i had ask him in so many occations. He gave my file to nurses (that were stalking me)they went to my work to humiliate me, abusing me psycologically, i feel traumatized abused sad and ashamed!Not even my family knew what i had,only DR.ROGER SEN why should other people have access to my file? :"('
totally agree.worse ever.