Rating Feedback for Dr. Vozis (1277789)

The rating:
'I have been a patient of Dr. Vozis for 21 years. Overall, she has been outstanding in her care!! But over the last number of months, since Carol left and Joseph has become her assistant, I find that it is difficult to get an appointment or a return phonecall, even when it is an urgent situation. I truly hope that Dr. Vozis checks this website and makes some necessary improvements (maybe this role isn't the best for Joseph?)...otherwise I will join the great number of people who are looking for a GP. This makes me quite sad...I trust Dr. Vozis, and quite like her, but I just can't get in to see her when necessary...'
It is nice to read these responses and learn that I was not the only one who felt that Joseph was not well suited to be Dr. Vozis's medical secretary. I felt that I was not getting the same level of service or access to my Doctor when I needed to see her towards the end. I really loved her as a person and as a Doctor. It's a shame that her practice ended on such a negative note after so many years of excellent Doctoring! I have major health issues and Dr. Vozis was always kind, compassionate, understanding and helpful. But towards the end it was very difficult to get in and see her.