Rating Feedback for Dr. Hafizi (2456119)

The rating:
'I went to her since she was close to my house for pregnancy check ups.First few months we had to wait a little but it was ok . Later on she started taking me for granted in my third trimester.I had a narrow pelvic bone and she suggested C section. She forced me to scheduled C section on Week 39 day 1 but i was in labor at 38 weeks and 3 days.I was in active labor and she did not wait at all. She came in and rushed me to get my surgery done.Patient counselling should and is part of doctors job.For my second pregnancy i went to another doctor and when i told her my story about narrow pelvic bone and rushing for C .... the only question she asked me was why didnâ??t the doc wait when you were in active labor.Baby and I were doing fine she just rushed me to surgery using the narrow pelvic bone excuse.I wanted a normal and could have definitely tried and if things were bad she should be there to help him. Instead she rushed me to a C. She may be a good doc but not the right doc for me.'
Thank you for your note. While there are times it makes eminent sense to undergo a trial of labor before moving toward C-section, it often depends upon one's anatomy. If the pelvis is quite narrow, I will typically, but not always, opt for C-section. If the patient is scheduled for an elective C-section, I have already determined that the risk / benefit ratio of trial of labor is too great. While there may be other ob-gyns who will do it differently, my goal is safety of mother and baby above all else. That said, I appreciate your note on patient counseling and will redouble efforts with elective C-section patients to make sure they understand the rationale for our collaborative decisions.