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'Awful job! Had implants w lift. Thought he'd b great talks a big game. My size was good however I have horrible scars also my aureolas r two different shapes and are huge. I am so unhappy. Have got 3 other dr. Opinions and they all agree my aureolas r horrible. His staff however is great and I felt safe going under W him but his work was awful'
Like you, I am disappointed that you were not happy with your surgical result even if you were pleased with the implant size. All plastic surgeons work hard to perfect our skills, and I share my skills around the world educating other plastic surgeons on this type of surgery. It saddens me that we fell short of your expectations. It is important to remember that scars are not invisible, and an unavoidable part of any surgical procedure in which an incision is made through the skin. They are not always easy to understand or predict, despite the best intentions and surgical skill. Sometimes, patients are genetically predisposed to thick scars or keloids. They may not even know. Sometimes scars widen if there is a lot of tension. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and healing difficulites can affect the appearance of a scar. There are always things that can be done to help the appearance of a scar (laser, topical creams, steroid injections, and revision). These review sites do not validate the authenticity of comments posted, but if you are a patient of mine, I would like to have you return so we can discuss your concerns, and I am confident that we can help. My commitment to you has been, and will always remain to care for you - no matter the result.