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'FILED WITH THE CALIFORNIA MEDICAL BOARD Donâ??t go to Dr. Roy (Amir) David. Run the other way!! I had a Fraxel laser procedure in January of 2012. At the time I asked to be sedated. At the needle site I got a severe, and rare, bacterial infection. After treating me with antibiotics which were not working, he referred me to an Infectious Disease doctor who had an MRI done. Once it was determined that the MRI showed no bone or tendon infection, Dr. David called me and said that the ID doctor was not available and off my case. I called the ID doctor and he was available to treat me. I fired Dr. David. I spent 5 days in the hospital and another six months on twice a day IV antibiotics and 2 oral antibiotics ( I am still on the oral doses and will be until June of 2013). In addition, I had to go to a special hospital in Denver for 10 days, during which I had surgery on my hand to remove infected tissue. I repeat, run from Dr. David!!'
We’re sorry you feel this way. However, that is not a reason to post false comments online. Your complaint was dismissed because it had no merit, and your statements above are untruthful and misleading. We cannot share further details due to confidentiality.

Dr. David, a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, is very meticulous in his pre and post op care, and is dedicated to his patients. Our AAAHC accredited center has a strict infection control policy which includes detailed postoperative instructions for patients; over ten years and thousands of procedures, our infection rate is virtually zero.