Rating Feedback for Dr. Grayson (1267571)

The rating:
'I have known Dr Grayson for over 12 years. He conducts a monthly clinic for our residents with intellectual disabilities. We have found him to be very helpful, professional and is a vital asset to our program. Some may consider him to be arrogant but I recognize it as CONFIDENCE. I have witnessed many acts of kindness that he has shown towards others that often times goes unnoticed.Dr Grayson was visiting with a patient who repeatingly commented on a watch that he was wearing. The doctor gave this individual his watch and this client continues to enjoy his special gift.When choosing a doctor, I believe that it is more important to make a selection based on the doctor's knowledge and skills. It is important to have someone who will tell you the truth and work towards giving the patient the very best of care. Dr Grayson is one who meets those criterias.'
You need to revisit the definitions of arrogance and confidence. Though, I did not find him arrogant, only rude, obnoxious, insulting,and the most unprofessional person I have ever encountered.He does not possess the finesse and people skills to back up a label of arrogance. You have not been in his patient, how dare you criticize others when you have not been in their position with this man. And of course, he is going to put on a good show for people observing, like yourself, that he wishes to impress.