Rating Feedback for Dr. Papura (2144064)

The rating:
'This doc does OMT but fails to do a full history and assumes your spine is just like everyone elses. He wrote this in a letter to the Board of Medicine. My spine is fused in 2 places. He refused to see me for an emergency appointment 2 days after he manipulated my back and I was forced to go to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with neck strain. Then I had to see my physical therapist to have my back manipulated back into place. This took a couple of weeks. Doc also failed to recognize that I had a back injury from an automobile accident. 8 months later when I found a real OMT specialist, he found that my vertebrae were displaced and he called it 'consistent with a seatbelt injury'. Papura failed to find this in his assessment. If you are looking for OMT or for a doc who cares about his patients, look elsewhere.'
I'm in a very similar situation as you (seatbelt injury, displaced vertebrae) and cannot find an OMT - very frustrated. Can you please tell me who you saw that helped you? I'd be forever grateful!!