Rating Feedback for Dr. DALFINO (2079877)

The rating:
'Every appointment began late and the doctor kept me waiting once over 45 minutes to see him because he was with another patient. Major overbooking due to the new "weight loss" program they offer, which is a strange addition to a chiropractor's office. Place itself looked dirty and old. There are PLENTY of better places to spend your money.'
We never have anyone waiting that long. My staff and I are very good with seeing everyone quite quickly and timely. No one is overbooked, and I don't understand how weight loss is considered strange in our office? As far as cleanliness, we take extreme pride in our practice appearance, and it was actually rated in a magazine quite highly. Would you kindly disclose who you are that is unhappy so that I might understand your concerns, because its clear to me you never spoke to me about any disappointment, and not leaving your information does not allow us to discuss this with you. We bend over backwards for all patients, and we probably did for you as well, so why would you be so unkind with comments like this one?