Rating Feedback for Dr. Rubin (1181818)

The rating:
'I had to wait almost 2 hours for him...he was in his office with no patient the whole time just doing paperwork...I would not go to him again.'
I find it amazing that some of you people are so arrogant. Do you not realize that doctors must dictate their findings and all instructions that were give to the patient, each and every patient, and then make a paper copy for the patient's hospital record. Do you think you are the only patient this doctor has.

I happen to know that Dr. Rubin arrives at the hospital at 6 am and I have seen this man up in the oncology clinic at 12 midnight doing work.

I would be leery of any doctor who rushed the care of the patient he is seeing.

Doctors have busy schedules and most people don't realize that during a normal day, they make their rounds, operate they clinics and have office hours, and do an on-call rotation, not to mention taking calls from other doctors asking their expertise in certain fields. And yes to also have to document every single part of treatment and test that were preformed.

I have sat in my GP's office for 2 hours just to see him. This is a specialists you are getting in to see.

You would count your lucky stars to have Dr. Rubin working as your oncologist should you require one. This man works very hard and has saved many lives.