Please help my son with abdominal pain

My 16 year old son has had abdominal pain since he was in elementary school. It is worse in the morning, sometimes so bad he can hardly stand up, but usually better in the afternoon. I took him to a pediatric gastroenterologist when he was 8 who said he needed more fiber in his diet. After a month of high fiber, which made him sick and didn't help the pain, we gave up on that and didn't go back to that Dr. Years later it is to the point where he can hardly go to school and we are in legal trouble over it. About 6 months ago I took him to the urgent care who sent him to the ER because they thought it was his appendix. The CT scan showed appendix fine but enlarged colon, so we were referred to another Ped. GI. He did a colonoscopy and said it looked fine. So over the past 6 months my son has had 2 CT scans, an MRI, gastric emptying study, upper GI, capsule endoscopy, and several prescriptions. No diagnosis and no pill helps other than Lortabs but we don't want to go that route. We even tried a couple of antispasmotics and pills for IBS to see if they would help. No luck. Meanwhile my son keeps missing school and we are on the verge of being charged with truancy. Oh, and his GI Dr won't sign the form to get him on homebound (where a teacher comes to our house) because he says that if he signs it without a diagnosis he will lose credibility. And anything I try to suggest like if I read about something he just blows off. Thanks a lot Doc... and unfortunately none of the adult GIs will see a minor so that limits us to the 2 choices I have mentioned. He describes the pain as a sharp pain in the lower right quadrant that radiates upward and also across his abdomen to the left. Also I forgot to mention that the GI is now saying I need to make him an appointment with a therapist to see if all this is caused by anxiety which the boy does have some issues thanks to his deadbeat drunk father but that's another story. Someone please help??!!

I feel very bad for you and

I feel very bad for you and your son. I wonder if your son's diet is a healthy diet and if he has regular bowel movements. Could he possibly have a sensitivity to a food?

Do you have issues with anxiety because of the "deadbeat drunk father"? Maybe he is affected by your anxiety?

Is your son taking any medication to help with his anxiety?

I have been doing meditation for the last two weeks, and it is helping me. Maybe it could help you and your son. If you are interested in it, send me a private message and I'll let you know more about it.

I hope that everyone reading this will say a little prayer for your son and for you too.

It is easier for our children to be healthy and happy if we are happy and healthy too. Take care of yourself.

You should be getting

You should be getting doctor's excuses for all these absences. If you are, then your son is off the hook for them. If you aren't, call the school and talk to a member of the administration. You might be able to work something out with them.

Meanwhile, if you don't feel as though you are being taken seriously by the current doctor, try going back to the first doctor. Let him know that the fiber didn't do anything to help. That right there is an indicator of a more serious problem.

We are trying to get Dr

We are trying to get Dr excuses but I can't take him to the Dr every day. He claims to have severe abdominal pain every single morning. I am looking into enrolling him in an online school that is self-paced which would really help. Meanwhile he has an appointment with a psychiatrist tomorrow and is on a waiting list for therapy. I do hope it helps but I am also worried that he has some really bad health problem and no one is taking him seriously. Also if it is anxiety then worrying that something is wrong with his health can't help. The problem is you don't know unless you keep searching and doing more tests. Thank GOD we have insurance. I am also wondering if something could be wrong that would involve a different type of Dr, as in not GI, which may be why the GI Dr is missing it. So frustrating but at least I have found an answer for school.

Neurology consult? Have

Neurology consult? Have abdominal migraines been ruled out? Just a thought. Google and check the symptoms, they are more common in children.

From what I have read about

From what I have read about abdominal migrane, there are other symptoms such like nausea and vomiting which he does not have. It's just pain, nothing else. And when I look at diagrams of the intestines, the area he shows me indicates his appendix which 2 Drs have told me is fine.

wirenut71 wrote: From what I

wirenut71 wrote:

From what I have read about abdominal migrane, there are other symptoms such like nausea and vomiting which he does not have. It's just pain, nothing else. And when I look at diagrams of the intestines, the area he shows me indicates his appendix which 2 Drs have told me is fine.

I had an appendicitis scare a couple years ago. And what I learned as a result of that is that we don't have a lot of pain receptors in our stomach/intestinal region. So when there is a problem in that area, the pain we feel is not a precise indicator of where the problem exists.

I hope I can be of some help

I hope I can be of some help to you b/c my 28 year old son has a very similar history to what you are describing. After years of being checked out for what could be causing his abdominal problems, we just found out 2 weeks ago that he has a congenital condition called pancreas divisum. It is found in approximately 10% of the population but only a very small percentage of people have symptoms. He had been to pediatric gastro as well as adult gastroenterologist over the years and all they could tell us is that he had mild gastritis. After a recent bout of what turned out to be pancreatitis (elevated amalyse and lipase), a MRCP was done which showed the defect. Even though all the previous doctors had been informed that he had congenital kidney problem (may or may not be related), none of them ever thought to check for this defect. He has had high anxiety for years and has been to therapist as well as psychiatrists. None of the antianxiety medications worked perhaps because the real problem is his digestive system. Alot of the doctors make you feel like there is something wrong with your head. We feel like we are at least making progress. He is taking digestive enzymes which don't seem to help much at this point but at least it's a start. My son is married and the father of a beautiful 2 year old daughter. His condition seems to hve gotten worse in the last few years. It really affects his personal, family and career life but we are supportive. I hope that your son does not have to suffer as long as mine has and I hope that this information may at least help to rule this out as the cause.

My son was also told mild

My son was also told mild gastritis but that it wouldn't be the cause of his pain. Big help. What is an MRCP? And the psych we went to today put him on Lexipro but we won't know for about a month if it helps. So digestive enzymes? Maybe we could try those without another expensive test since it doesn't sound like anything that would hurt if that's not it.

My son has Crohn's Disease

My son has Crohn's Disease which can cause inflammation, lesions and ulcers anywhere between the throat and the colon. The first thing they tell you is not to allow him to eat any foods high in fibre as they are hard on the intestine and hard to digest. If he had a hard time with the fibre, then he may have an issue with his intestines and or colon. I would go to another doctor and have him seen again by a specialist that deals with intestinal issues in children. Preferably in a children's hospital. It also wouldn't hurt to see a Naturopath. Today we have so many additives, hormones and genetically modified items in our food sources that it is ridiculous. Corn syrup is one of the worst things to have and it is in most packaged foods that have any sweetness to it. It's time to get back to basics with food. Read the back of the bottle for your Maple syrup and try to find the maple. You won't. Surely all of these things are starting to affect our children's health. Believe me, I am no health nut and love my junk food but something is wrong when all of these young children are getting sick with diseases that don't even exist in other countries. My heart goes out to you. I wish you all the best and hope your son is well soon.



I have a 6 yr old who since birth has had bowel issues. I have a high iron & know for fact it passed onto both my boys. But have you tried good old fashioned old school methods ?? Forget the docs cause today in the "I'm HAPPY TO SUE YOU MILLENIUM" the docs won't take risks. They don't listen to you, your symptoms or any concerns (mom its not your body so how much do you know LOL) so forget the PATHETIC medical field as it has come to today. Docs today also WON'T MEDICAL NECESSITY ANYTHING without major cause or findings (know this for fact learned hard way )
so back to your son's needs & issues ..... old fashioned treatment LIQUID ! Does he drink enough liquid ? No I do NOT mean water I mean ANY type. I am 44yrs old all my life I have had bowel issues myself. I have NEVER been to a gastro to be diagnosed with IBS. I learned the old fashioned way.. LIFE, talking & more life. example If I don't drink atleast the required amount 6/8oz glasses of iced tea ( actually I drink green tea its an antioxidant plus less sugar) I won't poop next day. My grandmother 30 yrs ago when I 1st started to talk & realize I had a problem. 2 things she said .... one your belly is warm in the morning so put warm in (meaning coffee & NOT iced tea as I was)then she stated she had issues & she drank coffee to push things along. So I tried it & it worked. However he can drink tea or how chocolate to see if this works.
now back to my 6 yr old ... he since birth had black poop ( too high iron) so we went to iron free (no longer made) so he still had constipation. Then as a toddler he wouldn't drink enough. We put him on miralax (now over the counter) it helped as long as he got it daily. Couldn't not give or it would start all over. But it got to the point he complained about his "belly" & would point to his abdomin. It was so bad he would puke every where cause he was not going. He would then at 4 & 5 take adult sized poops & I mean ADULT SIZE- MAN SIZE cause he was only going 1 every 7-14 days (your intestines stretch for this too)It was hard to believe this was coming from such a little 30 lb kid. He even has a hemorroid (hes 6 yr old) So then we started the ADD more Fiber (as someone else above said - we did fiber pills/bars/powder etc)that didn't work either cause then the pain started again. The gas & constipation was unbelievable so then I started like me the liquid as long as he drinks ALOT everything moves & there is no pain or discomfort. So now he's 6 he had been going mulitple X's a day (poopy) pebbles every 1/2 hr so we just started the miralax again to make it move. but I know for a fact (my own experience) stool softeners or exlax will NOT work if u don't have enough liquid in body to process. My son still does NOT drink enough & at school hardly anything if anything. So this is the battle now. But also know I suffer this so I know the pain your son speaks of & the only thing thats worked for me is LIQUID. If I don't drink any wheres min 36oz to my usual 64ozs I am keeled over in pain & my abdomin hurts drasticlally. BTW I don't drink water I hate water I retain water so I stay away from water but the iced tea works & it is made with water. But Knowing school doesn't give access to water easily & the kids won't drink it he most likely as U said has IBS but it is SEVERE CONSTIPATION basically due to dehydration or just not enough to break down what he is consuming (as someone said above) so try adding more liquid & LESS food & see what happens. Maybe even coffee if he'll drink it (maybe take dad's beers that works too LOL (sorry just wanted to make u laugh its frustrating all this time & BS run around I know) Good Luck to both of you !! Feel good to your son. >>> hugz <<<

Another thought is Celiac

Another thought is Celiac Disease. Constipation is one of the symptoms of it. Celiac Disease is now getting to be more of a whole body condition where it can affect ones brain, digestive, nerves, thyroid and more systems when it remains undiagnosed. As it is an autoimmune condition, the person before being diagnosed with Celiac Disease is more susceptible to other autoimmune diseases such as Diabetes Type II, Osteo, Thyroid, certain types of Arthritis etc. However I have been folded over by constipation many times in my life - both before I was diagnosed as a teen and even afterwards.

Then on the subject of anxiety - I really think whomever mentioned that really has a good point. Most people do not know that in the gastro track, it is the major producer of seritonin in your body which is what makes you feel good and NOT depressed. If one is constantly constipated or has issues with their gastro tract those people are VERY prone to anxiety and depression and generally need to take a anti-depressant, such as was prescribed for your son, to increase the amount of seritonin in their body.

It is a vicious cycle - to keep the gastro tract working improves ones outlook in life, however that is very hard to do at times and anxiety or stress directly impacts the gastro track where the seritonin production resides which just turns it into constipaton or diahreah, which then you need to work on resolving.

I sure hope that the medication can at least help a bit (I know the 4-6 week wait for it to kick in is hard to deal with) to even out his anxiety on what can be a long path to resolve gastro issues. I have battled both of these most of my life.

I have found that exercise

I have found that exercise alleviates anxiety and depression, although medication can be helpful too. Combined together, they have a synergistic effect, and as a bonus, if there is a problem with constipation, exercise helps with that too.

A half hour firt thing each morning, if well enough, might be helpful.

This sounds familiar except

This sounds familiar except for the length of time it has been going on for you...eight years!!! My daughter, one year ago, on Christmas day ended up in the ER because of extreme pain in her right side. Dr. did CT or MRI...cant remember, because he was worried about appendicitis. Of course, "everything was fine." Then she started having urinary pain. All urinalysis are always "fine." Kidney problems can radiate in either the right and/or left flank. Sort of near the crease in your leg but higher. you can google kidney flank pain to find a diagram maybe. A doctor online recently told me that she needs a uretheal swab for Chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma and gonnorhea (she's 11???). These bacteria do not culture like other bacteria and only show up when a special test for them is run. also a 24 urine for high levels of stone forming chemical (oxalates, urates, etc). If your son has in fact had some sort of kidney or urinary tract infection for eight years I imagine he would have other symptoms due to the toxicity of the bacteria. Does he feel ill in general? is he weak? does he have joint or muscle pain? I wish you the best in your search for the Truth.
This website explains "referred pain" when your shoulder hurts it could be your gall bladder???'s the site
here's a site that has a great diagram of kidney flank pain:,r:5,s:0,i:106
p.s. i would get legal advice or representation regarding the school bringing legal action again you. If I were you I would talk to your local District Attorney. I know I can go to my local magistrate every friday morning and he is there to meet with anybody that needs help. The court can be ruthless!!! I know i have experienced it. My son had an emotinoal issue that kept him from school for almost a month. They took me to the local magistrate. The Magistrate slapped me with something like a $400 fine and told me if I didn't have it when I was supposed to come back, he WOULD put me in jail!!! I had to empty my account like a week before Christmas. While I was there I saw a girl covered in acne...obviously depressed as hell, that was missing school and he just slammed his gavel and referred her to juvenille court. I wish you only the best sweetie, stay on your toes.

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