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The rating:
'Not impressed, not very proffesional. I deal with anxiety and depression an have never felt supported by her. Unfortuantely it is very hard to find a doctor in Edmonton, so I have continued to see her but am always looking for a doctor that is accepting new patients.'
I agree. I thought at first she would be a great doctor to have but over time I realized that some things are beyond her scope. She believed that my son would outgrow his ADHD which may not be true as some adults have ADHD. She didn't want to prescribe Ativan to me when my psychologist suggested it but did so begrudgingly and had me start Celexa, an anti-depressant which didn't allow me to sleep. She told me to use the Ativan to help me to sleep, which just contradicted her unwillingness to give it to me in the first place! It was bizarre and I stopped taking the Celexa right away. When I was having problems with my teenage son and told her I was walking on eggshells she responded with "And so you should! You should be alert!" and prescribed the highly addictive tranquillizer Zopiclone to him. I realize she did this as she was concerned that he may harm me, but I wasnâ??t getting the rest I needed either. She was totally alarmist, wanting to give him an anti-psychotic drug. Anyway, not helpful or professional. Very black and white. It was like she had a crystal ball and was looking into my son's future and it was very bleak. How can anyone - especially a doctor - do that? People change. No one can predict the future - no one. Some doctors are just great for broken bones and delivering babies, but perhaps in the sphere of mental illness they see only a downward spiral of damnation and are very judgmental. Doctors really should be kind and compassionate foremost. They are in the people business after all and we are all different. I hope you found yourself a new doctor - one who is sympathetic and gives you support. You deserve it. Thanks for posting. It certainly puts things into perspective for me.