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'Dear All - Dr. Allan is "wonderful" in all ways and am not sure what state of mind the person was in when wrote the hard-to-follow comments below. Just as a clarification, Dr. Allen left the practice in May so question the visit 8/6? I only wish she was still w/the group as she's missed by all - and that's just not hear-say!'
You said you were going to this doctor for so long yet you spell her name 2 different ways. You talk about my state of mind & talk about me slandering her yet her treatment put me in the hospital not only once but almost twice so I have EVERY right to warn others as to what happened. My state of mind was worse for seeing her & I only wish I was warned by the 2 other friends who told me their experience after I dealt with her. I have so many records that are so horribly incorrect it's insane! How hard is it to write that someone does have insurance & that they are married??? Yeah it's that black & white & ALL of my records are that wrong but she refused to allow anyone to fix them. I didn't see her that date, that is when I wrote a review & continued to try to fix records with the office manager. NO ONE told me she had left. Funny how her leaving that office confirms what I say as for her rubbing elbows with a doctor instead of caring about patients in a support group.