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The rating:
'I am surprised to read these negative statements about Dr Aboelnour !!!. I have been seen Dr Aboelnour as a patient for different medical problems many times. He was recommended to me by my neighbour.I haven nothing but praise his professionalism and ability. I do have multiple medical problems and I have dealt with multiple doctors over the years. I have to say Dr Aboelnour stands out as one of the most caring and skilful physician I have dealt with. His passion to help his patients is genuine. He is always through and spent time explaining things to me .My specialist has praised him for his choice of tests and his complete referral . For those patients who are not satisfied with his care, I suggest they should have a clear discussion with him about those issues. I am sure this must be misunderstanding!'
I don't know if your a real person or Dr Aboelnour posting this. Have a frank discussion with him? Been there done that, he does not listen to you at all and when you try to say something to him he says that's stupid. He doesn't even examine you he looks at you and chooses whatever the popular trend there is out there right now. He diagnosed me with something random then I went to the hospital and they were surprised about what he said! He gave me meds for something I don't even have and it made me even more sick. I don't believe for a second this comment was made by a patient because when I walk into that medi clinic everyone is running away from his service, they only get him if they are tricked into getting him