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The rating:
'My experience with Dr. Tahery was probably one of the worse cases of insurance fraud I have seen. I went to Dr. Tahery for a "urodynamic test." After a brief office visit, he took me to the first floor of his office building to a small "surgery center" called the Westwood Surgery Center, which I later found out is owned by his mother, Mary Tahery. For the test, two bumbling young girls conducted the test with the aid of a small machine the size of a microwave. Dr. Tahery was not even in the room to supervise. The whole test took less than 20 minutes during which they filled my bladder with a catheter and asked me to cough, requiring no medication or anesthesia. For this my insurance company was charged $34,727.90!!! Of this my insurance company paid $10,241!!! When I called to inquire, I was told that I would not be charged for the remaining $24,486. How nice of them. I was just a pawn in a huge insurance scam, which is now being investigated by Anthem Blue Cross. Beware!!'
I had the same experience, but there are trying to bill me $11,000 for literally 30 minutes worth of work.