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'Try other REs before you go to him!! There are so many better options in the area. I think he does a lot of advertising because he can not rely on word of mouth because he is not good. Had an horrible experience with this doctor. I think he is okay if you have an uncomplicated problem but I would never recommend him to anyone. He seemed to be doing everything he could to milk my insurance. His staff was not very caring and questions were never answered. AS far as I am concerned he borders on being unethical.'
I am a former patient and have not seen Dr Levi in a few years but whoever posted this cannot possibly be telling the truth, Dr Levi is the best doctor I've ever been to and his staff is top notch. As far as him milking insurance companies, my experience has been the exact opposite, he did everything possible to keep things as affordable as he could, he even got me donated meds once. He is professional, kind, extremely knowledgeable and he explains everything clearly. He had a great sense of humor and his bedside manner was very relaxed and put me at ease immediately. His staff was also great, and I never had to wait long for a return call with questions. In fact Dr Levi himself even called my on a Saturday to check to see how I was doing after a miscarriage. By the way, my case ended being complicated and I had many setbacks, but he was always proactive and positive, and never gave up on me and as a result I finally did have a successful pregnancy. In my opinion, he is the best RE out there. I recommend him highly.

I cannot disagree with you

I cannot disagree with you more. Dr. Levi is a very caring doctor. If you did not have successful results its not his fault. He goes through every step he possibly can to try and make it a success for you. As for his staff, they are the most caring people I have every met.

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