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'I have just finished reading the negative comments written about Dr Aboelnour,I am disgusted.I have had nothing but positive feed back.Because we don't have a family doctor ,my husband&I only go to walk-ins whenever necessary,we have seen Dr.Aboelnour many times as walk-in patients.On all occasions,He was very patient,knowlegeable&kind,and had an excellent bed-side manner,we did not find any difficulty understanding his accent.My husband and I are very happy with Dr.Aboelnour and we will continue seeing him as long as we have health issues.We wish if he accept patients so we could make him our family doc.We think he's probably the best doctor we've ever seen.'
I don't believe you, obviously you haven't been really sick to see what he's made of, you're disgusted by what people are saying? I'm disgusted by how bad of a doctor he is! Wait until you have a real issue and he says to you well ... You look fine to me! I was so sick I wanted to throw myself in front of a bus I was in agony and he talked to me like I was lying. Maybe you think he's a good doctor because you haven't gone to a real doctor yet.