What can a guy with a bad meniscus do to keep it from getting worse?

Dad tore his meniscus a couple of Saturdays back. He's been in more and more pain ever since. Now he's exhausted and miserable. He'll have surgery for it...soon. But until then, I'm wonder what can he do to make it not-so-painful?

Hi, what can possibly help

Hi, what can possibly help are cold compresses, and strapping. This is a particular way of support bandaging. As a medical/remedial therapist, I have had success with warm vinegar bandages. Soak a pad/bandage in warm/hot vinegar and wrap knee joint. Stay off feet and put a towel around it to keep in heat. Do 3 times a day. This also can help. People respond differently to hot or cold wrappings. Try both and see what helps better. Good luck!

thanks thought. Dad had

thanks thought. Dad had surgery on it the week before Thanksgiving. His recovery is slow but steady and it looks as though he'll be back in the yard next summer.

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