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The rating:
'Wasn't happy with Dr. Fetaz. I felt rushed and that she wasn't listening to me. I suffer from a chronic problem, while it isn't medically serious it greatly affects my life and how I function. It affects my work and everything I do. She never understood how this "minor" problem to her was such a "major" problem to me. I felt rushed out of her office, like I was a bother to her. She eventually told me to find another doctor and that she wouldn't see me anymore. this was because i missed taking my kids to appointments for H1N1 shots. I forgot about the appointment and so she billed me and I didn't pay her. I told the receptionist when they called I would pay next time I was in but she said it was too late, she didn't want me to come in anymore and that she would forgive the debt I owed as long as I don't come back. Yes it was my fault but I don't think she handled it well. I think she truly didn't know what to do with me or that all she cares about is money !!'
You hit the nail on the head!

I traded a referral for her not having to "deal" with me anymore! Thank god I did otherwise I would be having cancer treatment instead of regular colonoscopies!

When I went to a new doctor they asked for my records from dr Fetaz. They refused to send them until I paid for it. I had never had a doctor charge me for sending my records to a new doctor! So I went in and there were 10 pages to copy and send over (she was my doctor for about 18 months) They said it would cost $55! I was horrified! $5.50 per page! When I asked why it cost so much they said they were entitled to charge me under MSP rules. I asked if I could just photocopy them myself since I didn't have the money. They said no. So waited for pay day and paid them.

Absolutely horrible money grabbers!