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'Dr. Dishell is very nice, and worked with me with pricing which was awesome. The only negative thing I would say is that I told him that I didn't want my nose to look piggy or my already large nostrils to look even larger... unfortunately both are the case. I'm looking into revision'
Did you have your surgery a long time ago? I am having mine with him soon and thats the number 1 request that i have for him, not to look piggy. Now I am concerned.

I had my surgery 1 year ago.

I had my surgery 1 year ago. I'm trying to get dishell to do the revision but he is being very difficult about it. I feel like he wants to take the path of least resistance instead of do what actually needs to be done in terms of my revision. If you are simply getting the slope of your nose fixed then you should be fine, he seems very skilled at that however you have to be very clear with him about not wanting the pig nose... also I wish I would've showed him pics of what I think are ideal noses... because while I was very clear to him that I didnt want a pig nose, maybe we just have different ideas of what a "piggy nose" looks like?
For me he fixed my dorsal hump, narrowed the bride of my nose, and narrowed my tip. He promised me that my nostrils would collapse down when the tip was narrowed... what really happened was the exact opposite..;. since he took way too much off of my tip it upturned my nose, thus pulling my nostrils upward and making them appear way more prominent. In the tip narrowing He also took way too much off of the cartilage of the sides of my tip which left me with what is called "bossae" which basically gives the cartilage a bubble looking appearance where the cartilage looks like it has a huge bump on it.
I would suggest sitting with him at your post op and going through his before and after photos and litterally saying "this nose is too piggy for me"... "this nose looks just right"... "this nose isn't upturned enough" so he gets an exact idea of what you define as piggy.
Good luck!

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