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'I am a 24 year old female who went to Dr. Landsman for lipo and the removal of fat and breast tissue in my underarms in June of 2010. I now have ugly and huge scars under my arms along with nerve damage in my left arm and weird tabs of skin...with everything that i wanted removed still there AND MORE!!!!! As for the lipo...my stomach is completely uneven and i have these weird huge lumps on top of my left buttocks. I have been looking and researching doctors to fix me, and everyone that i have seen tells me how sorry they feel for me. I am 24 and cant wear tight shirts, tank tops, bikinis...just to name a few. I cant even stand naked infront of my loving boyfriend. I am so self conscious of myself and i hate that about me...ALL DUE TO "DR." LANDSMAN. Please be aware of what he has done to me...and hopefully, i go with the right doctor to try to fix me. I cant live like this anymore....'
I am so sorry to hear this, you poor thing!! I went through exactly what you're going through. I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a hug. I hope you find a great reconstructive surgeon. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE file a complaint with the new york state board of medical examiners. It is because women don't do so that this monster is still allowed to wield a scalpel. Sending healing thoughts and strength.

What a bunch of bull. This

What a bunch of bull.

This sounds like a fake person who is either a competitor of Dr. Landsman, or someone who was never happy with themselves to begin with. Dr. Landsman is not to blame if you have security issues.

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