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'I had questions about my bill & was unhappy about the results I was having and called the office. The person I spoke with said she would speak to the dr and get back to me. No one ever did, so I just waited until my scheduled appt. Explained my situation to the front desk girl and she was going to have someone speak to me. I was called into a tiny office by an older woman who shut the door and told me that if I did not pay my bill, I would not see the doctor. Told her I called about this and never heard back. She replied nastily "that person is no longer with us". Was picking up my prepaid for orthotics, so I paid the bill (which was a a large amount) I then was called in by the doctor and tried to tell him how I was treated by this woman and about my bill and he not so nicley said "I am the doctore I donot discuss bills, but do you think you can see me for free?? I could not believe the way that this office was treating me and told him that. He told me he has plenty of patients.'
This doctor is unprofessional and greedy. He charges too much for the services he offers. I've been to see another local podiatrist who sees a lot of his patients after he "mistreats" them. I wish someone would file a complaint and put this guy out of business!

Wow...I wish I had checked

Wow...I wish I had checked these reviews beforehand. I had a similar experience. I felt like the dr. was more of a pushy salesman than a doctor. The front desk was absolutely unprofessional and they tried to stiff me with a bill after telling me that my insurance company would pay foe everything that "the saleman" receommended. It's a shame that the consumer puts trust into these people and then they start billing you the second the insurance company denies. I would much rather hear "check with your insurance" instead of "yes, it will ALL be covered" and then get stiffed with a hefty bill. SHAME ON YOU DR THOMAS!!!
This was about a year ago and I am now in the business of med admin and have a better understanding of this shady type of billing. Keep posting these reviews. Go on Yelp, Angies List, [another website], yellow pages.com. They have 3 complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) and are not accredited. He even turns away charity cases and charges for the visit after doing nothing for them.
FILE your complaint on the BBB site: http://www.bbb.org

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