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The rating:
'I went to a seminar and was booked for a consult. I was quoted one price and then emailed another quote which was almost $4,000. higher, for a total of $14,000. This was for a refresher lift, along with other procedures which I wasn't interested in or did I need. Sell, sell, sell! The staff is pushy and all remind me of the "stepford wives", perfect with their breast implants, fat tranfer cheeks and juvederm lips. This place is about making MONEY! An aquaintance got the refresher lift and has ugly red scars behind her ears, on her neck, NOT in the hair line. They are very happy to sell you an expensive overpriced product to "help with the scars". They are big on "fat transfers" which usually are reabsorbed by the body in less than a year, so they keep you coming back for more. My advice is to look around for someone who has YOUR best interests in mind and not their own wallet.'
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