Rating Feedback for Dr. Drehsen (1491700)

The rating:
'Dr. Christian Drehsen did a refresher lift, necklift and a forhead lift on me one and a half years ago and the results were poor and deteriorating. I spent $15,000+ on this surgery and did not look much different afterwards, the swelling took a very long time to heal (about 6 months), the scarring was significant (the scar under my neck is nearly 2 inches and still visible after 1 and a half years later, and the scarring on my ears (tell tale of a facelift remain despite his assurances that they would not). His staff was nice at first and until the surgery but afterwards they were neglectful and dismissive (especially his assistant Elizabeth). This doctor was expensive, added additional fees after surgery, and the surgeries and aftermath were painful and left visible scars, and their office does not respect patients after surgery. I am with another doctor now for revisions (one who'se assistant actually responds) and would not recommend their office.'
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