Rating Feedback for Dr. Clymer (2440889)

The rating:
'Please do not walk into this office... turn around and run as quickly as you can. I was horrified to see the disasterous results at the hand of this man on a beautiful friend of mine. Her looks are totally distorted, lopsided and disturbing. My heart breaks for her and I keep her in my prayers daily. This man stole her soul...and her life. It has been a year since the surgery and she is embarrassed to be seen in public, has stopped socializing with friends and has gone into a major depression because she looks like a freak. Her life has been forever changed because she can no longer recognize the person in the mirror. I would be afraid ... VERY afraid to let Dr. Clymer anywhere near my face.'
At Clymer Facial Surgery, our patient's results, experience, and confidentiality are of the highest concern. Therefore, we never discuss our patients care on the internet. To our knowledge, we do not have any patient that fits the description listed above. From the above writing, it is clear you are not the patient, but if the above is referencing an actual patient of our practice, please have them contact the office at their earliest convenience to schedule a time to be seen and to discuss any aspect of their care.