Rating Feedback for Dr. Turner (1712888)

The rating:
'I'm a young woman in my twenties. I never even got the chance to meet the doctor because I was so disgusted by how I was treated by his assistant Marla. I found her to be rude and very arrogant. She made me feel stupid for asking questions and the consultation was very short. Not to mention she was 45 mins later then when my consultation was original booked for. I realize people are busy and not always going to be on time but I work in customer care and I would never treat a client the way she did to me. Because of her I wouldn't go back. So this has nothing to do with Dr Turner but because of her he never even got the chance to meet me. So I'm happily going to maples surgical centre where I immediately felt welcome and comfortable which was the complete opposite at the first glance clinic.'
i had 3 pages of questions and she took the time to amswer eacher one 2 twice so i could write down the answer your missing out on the best dr. in winnipeg