Rating Feedback for Dr. Toriumi (2421721)

The rating:
'Here's the thing about Dr. Toriumi. He's a terrible surgeon with no artistic ability. He charges a fortune for ruining your face. He has no aesthetic eye. What he did to my nose is criminal. He made it twisted, crooked, wide, ugly, and so different from my original nose & what we discussed in pre-op that I looked like a completely different person. Did he care? No. Pat Golden begged me to give him positive reviews on this site & others. He gave me "excercises" (pressing on my nose) to do every day (did them every day) & after 1 yr when when my nose was unchanged, he said I must not have been doing my "exercises". He's a nightmare. Furthermore, his surgicenter is unprofessional. The anesthesiologist told me that the nurses were Googling me & gossping about me due to the nature of my work in the public life. That is shockingly unprofessional. Every surgeon I've seen since says "Toriumi ruins faces". Dr. Toriumi is a walking nightmare.'
I appreciate that patients have different experiences and not every patient's experience will be positive with any given physician. But I find the number of extremely strong "ruined my face" type reviews on Dr. Toriumi's page here almost unbelievable. It makes me wonder if some disgruntled patient registered under many names and posted bogus reviews. I've been checking him out for years and the negative reviews are so similar as to lack credibility. Your case may be the terrible exception and if so I sympathize with you. But I fear there may be someone trying to ruin his reputation.