Rating Feedback for Dr. Chapman (2430709)

The rating:
'I only waited about 40 minutes which is the norm at Drs in NYC. The staff was relatively courteous. Then came Dr. Chapman Without even speaking to me, examining me, or reading a history he decided that I was an addict who needed to go to detox. Just because I am young it does not mean that I don't have a very complex pain problem that has taken several years to diagnose properly. He decided that I have fibromyagia-which is incorrect without laying a hand on me or reading any records. I went there for one thing and one thing only-a intrathecal pump trial. After seeing several specialists in the city they ALL decided that this was the best thing for me to do. I was incredibly wary of it at first, but after several well known doctors come to the same conclusion one is more likely to take it under advisement. No wonder he couldn't even get into med school in this country. Rude, nasty, and pompous.'
I would never offer a treatment that I did not think was the correct thing for a patient. Fibromyalgia should not be treated with the incredibly high doses of narcotics that this patient was recieving, especially in a 25 year old. Actually, it should not be treated with narcotics at all. I did the correct thing and recommended that she go to detox to get off the medications. An intrathecal pump would have been a waste of one hundred thousand dollars of health care funds.