Rating Feedback for Dr. Turner (1121956)

The rating:
'Marla: RUDE, ARROGANT and PUSHY, all she wants to do is make a sale, doesn't have the medical expertise to be making the decisions ie: size of your implants/procedures. Does she have any qualifications? Dr. Turner: only interested in making money at INFLATED prices, when he makes a mistake, (if he even admits to this) he offers to fix it at "no charge" but you end up paying hidden fees. He botched my daughters breast augmentation not once but twice! and has now told her to take them out and he will fix them later. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL! what is this mass boob surgery? Does he get his implants at a special cost by ordering all the same size? I will never recommend this surgeon!doesn't care about his patients or complications they may have after surgery. Be sure to shop around, this guy does cookie cutter implants, we're not all the same size or shape, his implants may not be right for your frame, but he doesn't take the time to check, just relies on Marla to sell. BEWARE'
I completely agree, I read reviews about Marla being rude but i could never of thought she would be personally to me. Dr Turner seems like a reasonable guy but Marla needs to get out of that scene.