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'As a real patient who was badly disfigured by Dr. Jay Calvert, I find it very scary that Dr. Calvert can keep preying on unsuspecting patients by writing fake good reviews about himself and having his staff and his reputation manager from India do the same. It's also quite pitiful how Dr. Calvert buys his followers on twitter and his fans on facebook to try to make himself look popular. Yes, he really does this. Don't be duped by Dr. Calvert's false and illegal marketing tactics. Dr. Jay Calvert is an incompetent and horrible surgeon who has disfigured and hurt many patients. He defrauds insurance companies big time and sues his patients if they write negative online review about him. He also threatens legal action against any website if they do not remove his negative reviews. Dr. Jay Calvert is a danger to society. I agree with the other reviewers that he should absolutely lose his medical license.'
This post is false. Please call the office if you have any questions about any ratings on this website or any internet site. Internet reviews are unverified posts by users who may or may not be patients treated by Dr. Calvert. This review is false and represents libel and violates the terms of use of this review site. The office number is (310) 777-8800. He or any of his staff would be happy to discuss the nature of reviews on the internet.

I am a real patient too Dr

I am a real patient too
Dr Calvert is a great doctor and i am VERY HAPPY about result.
I had a revision rhinoplasty Dr Calvert promised and delivered.
The above comment is hard to believe...i just can t imagine that he is disfiguring somebody...can you please add photos for proof,otherwise i will see this review as faiked.
Dr Calvert and his staff are very caring and did an awesome job!!!

I think its difficult to

I think its difficult to trust online reviews as everybody can write anything online.
I had a doctor in texas and read so many bad online reviews before seeing him.Finally i had a appt with him(he was a general doctor)i had a very good impression of him and he helped me alot.
Also it turned out that the bad reviews were written by a compititor which wanted to harm his practice.
The problem is that you can t believe internet and people/compititors who write bad reviews to harm somebody without reason,they are certainly relieable for cyper stalking and Cyberharassement ....everybody should make their own opinion about a doctor...this link is interesting:

I agree with this response. I

I agree with this response. I am also a real Patient of Dr. Calvert and so is my mother, we each had different procedures for secondary surgeries performed with Dr. Calvert and I cannot tell you how incredible he is. If someone honestly feels the way the dissatisfied user above feels then where is the proof? A nasty review is a common tactic to discredit someone but if the case had any REAL merit, it would not be some shady, nasty review on a web site. Dr. Calvert is a truly gifted and talented surgeon. He is concerned about his patients well being and I couldn't have been more satisfied with the results we received from him.

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