Rating Feedback for Dr. Kara-Shariff (2405923)

The rating:
'The Markham Mews Clinic experience is the worst I have ever encountered. The staff at the front desk are extremely rude and disrespectful to patients who have often been waiting for over 2 hours. I was treated terribly for being a walk in. I have lived in the community for many years and pay taxes. Canadian doctors seem to forget that medical care is not free for Canadians. We are paying their salaries. This attitude is unacceptable. When I finally got in, I told Doctor Kara that I had been waiting for over 2 hours. She shouted at me and said she'd maybe come back once I stopped complaining. This from a medical professional????? I don't care that she has had a bad day or has so many patients to see. She was very patronizing and not the least bit compassionate. It is her choice to overbook patients.I will never return to this clinic. Sadly in this country, this type of poor service continues as we don't have as many options as other nations with superiour medical care.'
I thought that she had stopped allowing walk-ins?