Rating Feedback for Dr. Nassif (2383926)

The rating:
'Dr. Nassif couldn't have been a better doctor to pick for my rhinoplasty. On my initial visit, he spent 45 minutes with me, discussing all the details, risks, recovery, and results. I had been thinking about doing this surgery for years and had made appointments with many plastic surgeons but after meeting Dr. Nassif, my decision was very easy. On the day of surgery, not only was he was comforting and supportive, but his whole staff was great as well. At every post-op appointment, he gave me a big hug and answered all my questions thoroughly. Dr. Nassif personally called me to ask to switch my appointment because he was going to a conference and wanted to make sure he saw me before he left. I just had my 3 month visit and am thrilled with the results. A big thank you to Dr. Nassif for this life changing surgery. I couldn't be happier.'
Nassif does not discuss his surgical plan with his patients. He does what he wants and if you ask for the op report he lies to cover his fat behind. Karma is a bitch and it s coming to get him. I hope he never gets to see his kids again. I also hope he has to move to a dingy little apartment with his cheap **** girlfriend who looks like a plastic surgery freak. Talk about body dysmorphic disorder. Have you seen the staff in that place. They could not move a muscle in their faces.
Stay away. This man is dangerous and does not take his profession seriously. He jokes about patients while they are under. He also takes pictures and uses them on the intenet without informed consent. I am waiting to report the scum to the proper authorities.