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'I am appalled on how I was treated by the front receptionist. This occurred several weeks ago and I am still livid.Dr.Falodun is a fine doctor but I will not be returning because of this awful woman.There is no excuse for such rudeness,I was thrown off guard by her attitude I didn't know how to respond.I know in my younger days I would've given her an earful.This is a very unhappy lady and will bring you down to her level if you let her, unfortunately I did and will not be returning.'
Sandy, the front desk receptionist is a treat. She is rude, no people skills, and makes you feel unwelcome the moment you walk in the door. I have seen many doctors in my 43 years, and Dr.Falodun is mediocre at best. If I ever had a life and death health emergency, I do not want him looking after me.

Has a new Nurse and

Has a new Nurse and Receptionist. Clinic Atmosphere is friendly and caring.

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