Ratings and comments from people on their positive or negative experiences..rating replies...are they are not available anymore?

when i click on the doctors name, the comments and rating replies (experiences)from other individuals do not show up anymore. am i doing something wrong or are they hiding all the replies, comments, and ratings....thank you all for your replies......

Click on the Forums link

Click on the Forums link above. That will take you to the Ratings Replies Forum.

As to any particular doctor, it's difficult to comment without knowing which one.

The ratings replies are

The ratings replies are alive and well and are posted daily.

Things to try !

Clear your browsers history and cache. Or try a fresh different internet browser.

It doesn't matter if you view a page as a logged in user or not the only difference is in the forums where posting a comment can only be made by a logged in user.

If the above suggestions do not resolve your issue please contact the site admin
ratemdsjohn through the private messaging service I am sure he would be glad to help

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