Rating Feedback for Dr. Shah (1552200)

The rating:
'Dr. Shah is the best doctor I've ever gone to. Unlike all of my other doctors, he ran a series of blood tests to determine why I am overweight. He was the only one who discovered my thyroid wasn't working. He has been a huge help. His secretary/assistant/nurse/lady you see at the front desk, however, is a lady with ATTITUDE! You don't want to get into an argument with this lady. I haven't argued with her and she is mildly nice to me, but while waiting for Dr. Shah, I couldn't fit on my fingers how many times she argued with patients over the phone. She even gave Dr. Shah lip because she was so busy. I've visited Dr. Shah before, and she is always answering the phones with an attitude. Basically, Dr. Shah = big help, secretary = B*****!'
Going on year and I'll let you know that not much has changed. He is still the best doctor I have ever known; she's still the "front office staff"that tries to make me go elsewhere. You know she actually hung up on me once? She used to be "normal"; not sure what happened to her in the last couple 2-3 years.