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'I had blepharoplasty surgery last year by Dr. Neigel and I'm so thrilled with the results. I think Dr. Neigel is a wonderful plastic surgeon and would tell anyone wanting to have any kind of ocular surgery to go to her and no where else. She is truly amazing, and I am a very critical person so coming from me this is really a tremendous compliment.'
Hi, I just scheduled an appt for same surgery end of month. I have not heard great things abt Dr Neigel and I wanted to get more feedback from you. You seem very happy with your results. I am alittle concerned. Hope you can change my mind.

Hi - Saw your post about

Hi - Saw your post about scheduling your surgery for the end of the month and yo being concerned since you didn't hear such great things about Dr. Neigel. I just got the OK from insurance to have a blepharoplasty with Dr. Janet Neigel. I, too have seen negative comments on the internet and am worried. Was wondering if you went thru with your surgery and if you're happy with the results. I would love to hear from you. Thank you so much.

upper eye lid surgery and

upper eye lid surgery and brow pexy surgery coming up with dr. neigel. Did you have your surgery yet? Are you happy with the results

Hi. I feel the same way -

Hi. I feel the same way - i've been approved and want to get the uppers and lowers done but am concerned with a few reviews.

Did you have the procedure

Did you have the procedure done yet?

Hi - As a matter of fact,

Hi - As a matter of fact, just yesterday I went to see a board certified surgeon who I feel more comfortable with. But i'm pretty sure I'll have to do the testing over and be re-approved with insurance which makes me nervous. The girl at the surgeons office is going to call my insurance company and get back to me on Monday. If all goes well, I would like to get it done right before Memorial Day Weekend. I'll keep you posted. Keep me posted on your end to if you go thru with Dr. Neigel. Thanks.

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