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The rating:
'I can't be polite when I was treated as badly as I was&I'm sorry but I could write a book,I was warned even before I went!She isn't professional,heard she mistreated others & was rude when she was helping run a meeting&all she cared about was rubbing elbows to get in good with a doctor to possibly leave where she is currently working, not the patients who needed the support!My ONLY visit with her-she gave me medicine that I specifically told her I was allergic to &lied to me about what she was giving me,naturally not documented what SHE did. She also did tell me to push myself (not "exactly" what she wrote in her notes though-a total lie & I have proof).I also ended up in the hospital & again she "forgot"/never documented my medical records & more things that are now refused to be corrected. Ignored many calls after the hospital & now probably going to have to bring her/spine center to court, especially since medical records are totally false!Been fighting since,etc...'
I don't know who you are personally but have been going to Dr. Allan for 3 years up until she left the practice which I believe was May; however, you state your appt w/her was Aug 6th???

As far as your other comments, your thoughts are hard to follow as written and knowing Dr. Allan's sense of compassion, integrity and professionalism am troubled by what you've stated as find your comments to be untrue and more-so slanderous. In all honesty, I question you're state of mind when the above was written.

I hope you're feeling better and find the 'right' doctor who can truly help you in more ways than one.