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'Dr. Kaouk saved my husbands life. He is a remarkable man and his skills are beyond the norm. I feel that we are in the BEST hands ever with Dr. Kaouk. Heis brilliant, coming up with new techniques to help more people with kidney cancer. I can't say enough good things. You are the BEST Dr. Kaouk!!'
I insisted my husband go to Cleveland Clinic for prostate surgery. We met with Dr Kaouk who told us robotic surgery was the safest and most precise. He told his his outcomes were 99 percent for preserving continence and 95% percent for preserving potency. My husband was left totally impotent, totally incontinent, and lost a significant amount of blood. We did not see Dr Kaouk our entire time in the hospital. He offered no explanation for the extremely negative outcome or blood loss. I will be sorry forever for asking my husband to go to the Cleveland Clinic. If you love your husband, do not go to Dr. Kaouk, or the Cleveland Clinic.

After sustaining permanent

After sustaining permanent and disabling surgical injuries, I learned that "Dr" Kaouk was not board certified. This doctor is dangerous.

Medical negligence;

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