Rating Feedback for Dr. Mazza (1066290)

The rating:
'My advise is to avoid dentist David Mazza at all costs. He prays upon the patients by luring them in with free dental coupons and then pushed thousands of dollars of cosmetic and services by exaggerated claims of problems in teeth. He uses movies and technology to wow you in. He had stated that I can just try the braces fitting (some latest technology) and will not have to pay if I do not want to go further with actual braces, but he ended up billing me mercilessly for it and even used shark practices of relying on credit bureaus to force me to pay. Staff was very unhelpful as well.'
Every effort has been made to identify this person who posted this comment in order to address his/her concerns as a patient. Our office has no record of such alleged actions. I believe that this comment was left by a disgruntled individual rather than by a true patient of our practice. In our office we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services to our patients who are assets of our practice. Additional, credible testimonials can be found on my website at: http://www.mazzadental.info/testimonials.html. Dr. Mazza