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The rating:
'Always friendly and wants you to have the best treatment possible. Scheduling is easy and there is never a long wait time. I've had an implant done, a root canal, and 2 fillings - all of very high quality.'
too add: I have known Dr. Mazza since 2007, when I was looking to get an implant for one of my front upper teeth. I first needed a bone graft because my bone was not strong enough. The procedure was painless and everything healed nicely. 8 months after that, I got the first part of my implant & then a few months later, I got the final crown put in. Everything looks great and natural. I have also had a root canal done with a crown & 2 fillings. Everything looks great. Dr. Mazza takes his time with you and always provides high quality work. The receptionist is great & you never have to wait long in the office. I needed emergency fillings and he was able to see me the very next day. Overall, I am very satisfied with everything Dr. Mazza has done for me.