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'the galz at the front desk are awsome.. 1 of the gal i think her name s atia or attia she s amazing supper friendly and she always got beautiful smile..God bless you Atia! the dox r very knowledgeable!'
oh my god!!!! how can you tell if something is "knowledgeble"??!!Who cares if the receptionist has a nice smile anyway? The problem is that the "doctor" is like you-about as bright as a bag of socks.

i am in so much pain right

i am in so much pain right now that i can barely see straight. that useless doc probably doesnt even remember me, but these frauds actually leave a lasting effect on the souls unfortunate enough to find themselves in their "care". firstly and very importantly,they completely ignore their oath not to harm the people that go to them for medical help, not realizing that todays "doctors" are COMPLETE UNQUALIFIED FRAUDS that are ripping off the system by pretending that they are doctors. i would have been safer and under better, more knowledgeable care if i had remained doctorless, (and i wish i had) rather then ever darkening the doorstep of this complete fraud.man, i am stopping myself from swearing right now . the "profession" of being a medical doctor in canada is dead.it is now populated by unqualified clowns.

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