Rating Feedback for Dr. Miller (2378895)

The rating:
'I went for a consulation with this doctor for rhinoplasty. He made me feel really low and I literally cried after coming out of his office (as if my self-esteem isn't low enough). He also tried to get me another procedure that I had no interest in and had an overall "know it all" attitude, not addressing any of my concerns or answering my questions. It was clear to me that he only cares about getting paid and I would never go to a doctor like that.'
Dr. Miller makes every attempt to address all of his patient's questions and concerns. While patients come to the office under the impression that the procedure they want is the right one, Dr. Miller will be honest and tell you what he thinks is the best procedure to address the concerns that his patients state. He will not perform a procedure if he does not think it is indicated.

We're very sorry that you left the office unhappy and crying. That is certainly not representative of the over 13,000 patients he has treated over the past decade. Dr. Miller welcomes you back so that he can explain, perhaps in greater detail, why he recommended the procedure that he did. We look forward to seeing you back at our office.