What do you think of a doctor that

doesnt return your calls. This past Tuesday, July 10, 2012 I went to a new eye doctor. He gave me an eyedrop to stop itching but when I tried it the next day it made my eyes blurry. so I called and spoke to the receptionist. She said that she would put me thru to the technician and the technician told me that if I wanted they would call the pharmacy and prescribe something else. But I told her no that I tried the sample and I dont want to have anything filled until I knew it agreed with me.

However, the doctor never addressed my original problem so I called yesterday and the receptionist told me that the doctor would call me as soon as he finished with the patient he was seeing now. I waited but he never called. So I called again and the office was closed.

I called today and spoke to the receptionist again and she said that the doctor is aware of my situation and he will definitely call me back today, but he never did. So when I got their answering machine after hours I said that he never called back and I was annoyed at that and that I really needed for him to call me back to address the situation. I also said that there is a difference of the doctor being aware of my situation and calling me back to tell me what to do.

I am so angry. My problem is that my eyes do not adjust to light changes: going from dark to light and vice-a-versa. I get lightheaded when this happens.

I have found that it is rare

I have found that it is rare for a doc to personaly call someone back due to time is money. they usually have one of their office staff call back if it is needed. guess if you really need to talk to the doc make an appointment to see him/her. NO I am NOT a doctor and am not trying to be funny or rude.

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