Rating Feedback for Dr. Fodero (2200097)

The rating:
'I would not recommend this dr at all. He performed a chemical peel on my face, lipo on by body and an upper bleph. I have extensive scarring on my face, all he did was take a photo of the scars and send the photo to a friend in Michigan. He never accepted accountability for this scarring. I have UNRESOLVABLE WHITE SCARS of various shapes on my face. My lipo at the waist is uneven, at the thighs, I have puckering on my left thigh, and on my back, the entry points look like bullet wounds. When I complained to him, he responded "that is why I prefer to do body lifts following massive weight loss, those people are just glad to see their private parts again. He is not talented at all, quite a rookie. I went to Dr. Rebecca Baxt in Paramus, and she stated to me that my result was definitely doctor error. I don't know how much worse my skin would be without her.'
totally agree