Rating Feedback for Dr. Engler (1174617)

The rating:
'My experience with this doctor was that he did not disclose any risks about the procedures until just before you were pushed to the operating room and had you sign a bunch of documents agreeing that you had read the booklet (just given to you) and understand the risks. No one could possibly had enough time to read through everything just before the scheduled operating time when the anesthelogist was waiting.Of course all these was AFTER you had paid everything weeks ago and for sure you would not get a refund even if decided to not proceed. When there were problems, he blamed the patient and gave you attitude indicating that you had signed the documents knowing all the risks involved. To me,it is apparent that the doctor does not care whether the patient knows about the risks or else he would have informed you about the risks in your consultation before you pay, and given the patient enough time to read through the material. Also, blaming the patient does not solve a major problem.'
I received all the paperwork for risks literally MONTHS before my surgery. I think this patient just didn't bother to look at what she signed when she signed it & is blaming things on the doctor after the fact.