Western Arizona Regional Medical Ctr

I couldn't directly say that the owners and managers had a tremendous amount to do with the felonies perpertrsted by this companyings' against Karla Davis. Although any reasonable judge would say that if Dr. Thapedi had the priors that we now know all too well then therefore those that hired him should pay heed to the ethical side of the health care industry. But since it is now a business the vile outcomes of failure and irresponsibility related to pt care, it would behoove an employer to be prepared to beat done the truth. And big business that, and the Karla Davis case shows the incompetence, greed, and corruption that the need for money produces. It took a long time to say that, @ least so it could be easily colaborated. It took a long time to build this guillotine, and a multiple holer at that, you're headed the right way....keep going.

The one case nobody seems to

The one case nobody seems to know about, and gets brushed away as so many others by the ones we opted to see ourselves; like the decisions made behind closed doors that effects so many, and chances are easily in a bad way.

DebiM wrote: The one case

DebiM wrote:

The one case nobody seems to know about, and gets brushed away as so many others by the ones we opted to see ourselves; like the decisions made behind closed doors that effects so many, and chances are easily in a bad way.

It would be that fatalistic thought of fear of what is behind those closed doors. Although it truly is no mystery what the truth would be in a little piss ant court like Bullhead City Municipal. The place is like a hotdog stand.

Actually this case IS well

Actually this case IS well known by many people; and is one of a kind clinical cases that stands by itself in so many areas. Investigating the records in this case reveals the evidence to clearly see why the U.S. is way down the quality list. More importantly the case shows deep involvement with local municipalities that undoubtedly have a very good idea of the hacks working in their town, and simply look the other way. There are a few more names and numbers of the iron-clad type not posted, anywhere, yet. I take it back, umass has a few more.

Usually money and power keeps

Usually money and power keeps you out of the courts but it doesnt neccessarily mean that some sort of personal injury isnt felt, and the court of public opinion in this case sees the culprits as they are and business and referrals have gone down. Fighting for that Las Vegas retiremnet pkg? Some of us will be around for a while. Roger Thurman

The problem arises that

The problem arises that generally if you've seen this kind of behavior more than once, you'll probably see it again elsewhere. So it affects more than one patient. We also know this statement can delete the probably. How about the unknown?? What if they take 3yrs to die. Like Chicago; and what about Chicago?? Neglect is criminal intent if its malice aforethought.Preventable damages that you created a life threatening condition= endangerment?? Something tells me those Chicago graves could tell us a lot. Greed is blind as is a deadly sin for those the road is shortening. Although many know, more need to know. And they will, and they will.

Im familiar to umass postings

Im familiar to umass postings about an impending arrest for endangerment? How does one communicate what the future of justice will do?? The case and cases attached to this case is extremely vailable in allowing evidence to be brought forward. The overall exposure to such inhumane medicalmals can happen to anybody at anytime because incompetence is allowed in favor of money.

Its more than that as you can

Its more than that as you can still make a good practice by following the rules of honesty and a solid understanding in medical ethics, which can be complicated; however the evidence in this case is very disheartening for communication. Like there wasnt any; which truly opens up all kinds of doors to explore.

Karlajohn55 you are so

Karlajohn55 you are so accurate, and you would think that honesty would prevail. It does but in this case its only a matter of time before TRUTH really prevails. Thats about the scariest thing I can think of. I put some of these people in the class with Gerry Sundusky. They actually walk amongst us for years before people figure things out. Think about it, discharging a pt with a 1"X2" hole in her esophagus and you tell her its OK to drink?? And you are very well aware its there because you put it there"?? This is viewed as egregous. But doing it all over again tomorrow doesnt matter as they get paid anyway. And its all about the money. Its about white collar crime, its about money, and getting people randomly hurt and killed. This case has white collar criminals swimming in the lap of pain and death, and making lots of money. Somewhere along the way someone should take a step toward the real deal. The community of Bullhead City, Az, is well known in Bar Harbor, Maine {One cold-ass spot} and not for its desert beauty, but for its greedy and corrupt doctors. Sprinkle that with a few crooked lawyers and county attnys and you've got a full grown piss ant farm.

Debbie in Bar Harbor?? Pt

Debbie in Bar Harbor?? Pt advocacy existed well there because of people like you and Debbie Dyer and Brenda Smith and her other Paul Braun. All people whom actually seemed to have a hobby in tunnelling after good patient care. But, in all defense Bar Harbor had the old bucks to promote quality living, and research into health care. I remember Debbie D. roaming around health care facilities and endlessly questioning pst. and relatives. Now she knows the byte comm and garnishes docs in secs. This woman is a shark when it comes to getting lawyers to cough up docs.She simply would gaslight it from a secretary Thats Bar Harbor Maine, in many ways the ideal community. Debbie had the money to roam, and knew many, still does.

When Debbie D promoted the

When Debbie D promoted the case at her forum the political side of the case didnt seem to get much response; when the physician continued on with additional violations without missing a beat it made the case what it is today, simply corrupt from start to finish and the evidence against corrupt prosecutors like M. Rogers is part of the equation. The recent events at the Az med board is although a shocker, its typical of Arizona in general. The glove fits.

The link is strange, but

The link is strange, but recent media release has the case through national RSS. It came up through, of all people AMB Watchdogs. A group of doctors trying to protect themselves against an incompetent system. The story is oddly carried by them. It clearly gives names and witnesses of fabrication, and by the board. The fact that it enabled a doctor to continue without missing a beat the witnesses named in the investigation never were questioned. This case meant significant to the watchdogs as it showed their unbiased policy. The facts in this case are horrid as it seems to cut such a wide path through our fabric. I would like to thank DStern of umass in the use of her network.

That article is extremely

That article is extremely potent and it would be easy for the law to want to take a look at that; I do not know for sure that it hasnt happened already as things have recently changed and those that once appeared as the vanguard belonged to them now are packing their ****. It was always hard for me to believe warmc adm played the role that only a few of their employees did. Many care givers there are very good, and I still consider them my friends. The case horribly depicts the hospital. And it should not. The acceptance of responsibility seems to be like pulling teeth from a rhino,
;if I'm the messenger pulling a guillotine it is double holler. It brings me no pleasure, if you felt the anger it was from my stained soul. If a repeat performance is allowed in open court, I will shine again, as some have found out. The truth trumps it all, and the people need to know. They really do.

Dyer from Bar Harbor was

Dyer from Bar Harbor was knowledgeable for her input from both Chicago and Az. She had lots of info about relatives and had the time to research places where he worked. She had this pretext of calling the lunchroom @ about noon and would garnish all kinds of info; St Bernards was a treasure chest of discontent. She is convinced he is the reason there no longer is a neurosurgical service there. Debbie is a very good investigational resource.

It would be noteworthy to

It would be noteworthy to make mention of appreciation to the managers and owners of this site to allow these types of postings. Having had contact I would again thank them for accepting my explanations, and more importantly, the simple need for the community to be aware. This is another venue and urge the attitude to continue as results have landed. The latter referring to recent events in the 'Karla Davis Case' which have originated here and there. It remains vague, now, as the court is corrupt. And a corrupt justice system can be a real dog to beat. They're pros at smothering the truth, in the light that it favors them. I can't prove money exchanging hands with Martin A. Rogers, of Bullhead City, but, as the saying goes,"If it walks like a duck"?

And sometimes those that

And sometimes those that assist somebody like this physician can become culpriable under federal laws. Im sure they're aware of that fact and the hospital it would seem would have no further connection with him. You would think that. Time will tell.

Actually its that Martha

Actually its that Martha Stewart approach to life that seems sooo evident in this case. Presently somebody took the blade from his hand and whoever that maybe, YOU ARE THE MAN. A certain undeniable crystal clear view of the nature of the value of money. What a den of greed is to know the whole story. The standard should be to set the passion on the service provided, and the success\money will follow. Tri-Sate Ortho is the gold standard of this formula. The money must follow you, you cant follow the money. The people are close to knowing the full Karla Davis. There are better than 2 full yrs left on the statute of limitations for felony endangerment; Not possible?? Don't count on it as Quorum gets around.

Usually physicians and health

Usually physicians and health care organizations are well shielded by a valance of steel hence the name of our great neurosurgeon, Liberty Valance. A lot of people would like to see Liberty get up there and field questions simply about his certification program. If the hospital feels bad, I'm truly sorry, we all were duped. I would again extended my condolences to WARMC as being an unsuspected victim as well. The learning curve may continue if we're allowed to bring the violations forward. A lot of fancy lawyer talk going on, but in the end felony endangerment actually happened. The witness will come forward tomorrow.But we both know what a joke law enforcement is. And corrupt, so we just as soon color him bye-bye. And where to then, or I should say now? You took the knife away, you are my hero; call me.

At this point the evidence

At this point the evidence leads like the veins of gold, big vein....little vein. The simple fact of leaving a business with pending suits maybe common practice for some people. Its that history to which much opinion is based. Leading from the neuro spine ctr is a treasure chest of unusual events and court documents that tell a story leading to sudden termination. The social abortion aspect of the events make easy trails of $$ through the courts. You can run, and duck in court, and to a dry resting spot in Vegas?

The documents will be

The documents will be published and when they're confirmed by the daily news it will reveal that the employer, WARMC, is truly a victim of this fraudulent case and the real evidence will support his termination valid and even more.

The real root is truly money,

The real root is truly money, and when you follow Isaac Thapedi around the court circuit its an interesting read. How does it go, like in Charlestown?, everybody knows the termination of his services was for lack of bringing in enough revenue. That was because he was a bad dr and time had caught up with him. We don't need any corrupt medical board to buy anything from our community. WARMC perhaps played their role, which finally comes the time where their power and sense does come together with some of the greatest covertness and pressure I've seen in any court. What does that mean?? Business and love do cross in the medial profession to which business interests actually protect the public. So CHS is finally good, very good; as is those that have programmed this program. I am yours to confirm fraud @ local 201 4002.

The courts, in spite of their

The courts, in spite of their very limited ability to look laterally, can help to go to speaking to the community. The July 3rd hearing in Kingman was truly the people doing its thing. I would thank Lee Jantzen for doing whatever he did to alter the course for many people. The employer had well already determined to terminate Thapedi, or as they say in the business, "not to renew his contract", however comma Thapedi was publicly released on the 7th. The evidence within present documents reveals the kind of fraud present in health care for profit. Its a long money line.

The particular documents whom

The particular documents whom Thapedi is a petion to be released from a competition clause from a contract he signed @ WARMC in Sept of 10. The 2yr contract would've been renewed 9/12 but was openly canceled 28 June. The doc doesnt give a reason. It would seem the employer terminated him as he wasn't worth the trouble and his cases had decreased. The medical community and JohnQ. Public became informed and really didn't need the government. The net, along with these here Adms. connected with the people who connected with the people. The July 3rd hearing and open felony accusations were anticipated by the employer and Thapedi had well been on his way gone. He is farther gone than he thinks. Im not sure the AZMD Watchdogs played any role? They did publish parts of his cases, but only the investigation into the investigation was made noteworthy. I would imagine once CHS got that it was over.

CHS is a business, and a big

CHS is a business, and a big one. Many health care big businesses are bigger than you think. However, whatever role is played it eventually has to cross into real people working the field. Things get sifted out there, and ultimately it would seem that things work themselves out irregardless what the authorities claim or do. Although judges in MoHave Cty at the seat are noteworthy. I feel their involvement, simply by knowledge can have good results. Them knowing details is super. The day the mirror cracked.

There use to be

There use to be responsibility for pts by physicians. Now they just leave town.

I wasn't maliced with the

I wasn't maliced with the original report as the risks and benefits issue may stand out; but therefore and after produced just a little more cloudiness that Matt described so well as the absence of evidence was in fact the evidence. Several other roads seem to lead to or through the same group. Although independent cases in themselves issues are the same. Vague I maybe but I am sorry, only to avoid the legal system. So much has been done, and the help of ratemds has been vital. Thank you. I'm not sure what Florence would do in this situation? Actually I do.

Its all gossip, but the

Its all gossip, but the entire local medical community is knowledgeable about this man. That isn't gossip, and his ability to manipulate the system, and the public is well programmed. People think a Dr. that is licensed in the state of Az is A OK. The corruption goes that high. Once the Az med watchdogs first published this story the only thing left to do is hang your head in shame. This is the government our founding fathers told us about. Health care for profit promotes greed, and here it is. We all pay for the Isaac Thapedis of this system.

I agree and would add that

I agree and would add that the image is reflected by the victims.

The idea that the courts hold

The idea that the courts hold the key to the mystery of Isaac Thapedi is solved only to look at the documents and note that the evidence speaks for itself; its unfortunate that few get to visualize and understand the fraud that walks amongst them every day. Isolating this physician actually would only come by that old time theory that 'what happens in the o.r. stays in the or'? Even if it is a crime??

At the same time the courts

At the same time the courts are merely cash exchanges for the rich, although it is sort of fun ****ing with them. They, and their likes cover themselves real good. But at the end of the day you're left with something that can't be explained away, and its called a felony. With the congressional act of 2005 and to violate this federal act is to be Barry Schneider. There is no hiding from the evidence unless you actually are Barry Schneider! Doesn't make a lot of sense, I know, but you can actually kill people, collect your cash, and move on. And truly never look back. They are what the congress tried to halt in 2005. Where?? You ask? I'll tell the judge but I doubt he'll listen.

Actually a judge may listen.

Actually a judge may listen. But all trials in Superior ct jury trials; and in this case it maybe the only justice as we all know what the lawyers have done.

All of that maybe directed at

All of that maybe directed at one to three employees of warmc which I find impossible to believe that the actions of a few would represent that of the entire group. In todays' view
causative events by certain individuals is gone. I see an end to bad behavior that was terminated from the top. Congratulations, and not in sarcastic way. However comma the spin off evidence is another killer among st us. I am not kidding. But, mucho gracious Cappy.

Maybe, but in the U.S. the

Maybe, but in the U.S. the insurance companies and the health care providers have the same addresses. They will always follow the money first. Quality becomes a number. This case screams that.

Actually the road taken is

Actually the road taken is specific to this case as it relates to the Public safety Act 2005 which was significantly created because of cases like this. Getting it off the grid is how it got on the grid.

It would been seen

It would been seen differently in Canada as there was a time when Canadians traveled to Az for health care alone. Do we really take a chance on health care in the U.S. that might go as bad as the U.S. world health care ratings? In all recorded history U.S. ratings for health care have never been worse. Know neglect as such in this case is more related to the non-reporting of an injury. And a serious injury at that. The Public Safety Act of 2005 was enacted specifically for that. All the lawyers in the world can't hide this one.

Bringing this all forward is

Bringing this all forward is arduous and painful. To which local governments can not compete with big businesses. Money talks or even prevents talks. The real problem lies deep within the structure of people like the Thapedis of the system. Being some super surgeon working on grandma may not get much attention but big brother notices numbers and failures for all accuracies to be seen. Damages create big bumps in $$. Arizona has pissed big brother off so he is watching and with this man is what we are truly looking for. Confusing journalism with felony endangerment is difficult and for those that might read this that know, you focused yourself, and ****ed up my wife. This lesson in journlism comes from the soul of the many victims. Your soul is stained the blood of others. Isaac Thapedi can not take the stand. Live with that.

The system has been good, you've programmed it, run it, examined it and most importantly believed. The best on the net. You felt the truth. Thanks.

I cannot help but agree with

I cannot help but agree with you. In the end, however good you are at hiding the truth, people WILL find out about it.

I've been advised to publish

I've been advised to publish educational literature related to this case as purposeful education. Being in the courts seems to get attention and was more helpful in this mission. Being sued for hammering a physician is pain plus the criminal side is unusual. But when you look into the abyss the abyss looks into you. And as predicted other issues get revealed perhaps detailing the kind of adm errors and neglect and greed that end up killing people. New Surgeon General on the way.

The responsibility of this

The responsibility of this organization doesn't exist, and whenever something goes wrong the fault never falls truly where it should; it represents the fleecing of the public, and under the ruse of good medical care. The new surgeon general may haver a hobby of going after corp America. Somebody has to.

I read about the effect John

I read about the effect John Hopkins Medical Center is having on the politics of the industry. The third leading cause of death, across all categories has now attracted attention at high levels. However, the organization will soon have rivers running through it. Its not business as usual as federal fines will be devastating to profit orientated systems. Physician related violations is predictable as 'over-treatment' has been added to the 3rd leading cause of death, right after medical mals!!Their not saying you can't have the treatment, their saying the treatment can kill you. Do you really need this??
For decades the third leading cause of death in America was accidents. 'Medicalmals and 'Over-treatment' weren't on the list. This is a block-buster from Mackary and he's new surgeon general, potentially a maybe. So look out; although some have already slashed their own throats and federal authorities are already deep into the structure, evidence sometimes falls into their hands. I don't think the current investigation touches this case; and yes Virginia, "There really are wolves". Finally.

Just because the legal

Just because the legal authority has turned federal really only means that record blocking and the absence of such becomes additional evidence to what they're already looking at. Few can unleash hell like the fed. Good Luck. It couldn't happen to a nicer group of people.

I more than concur; with

I more than concur; with local corruptors adding their power.

What is unknown is that their

What is unknown is that their ability to walk around town as free people is very limited.

I am aware of these people

I am aware of these people covering for Dr Thapedi and WARMC, palying with fire they are.

I'm not so sure that covering

I'm not so sure that covering will eventually be heard in legal terms, and one would hope to force the issue to trial with everything allowed as evidence. It seems lawyers can pound out lots of paper-work to divert attention away from the truth. The truth in this case is shameful.

Knowledge of the truth is

Knowledge of the truth is truth and that truth is painful.



Arizona laws in the lower

Arizona laws in the lower courts are peculiar at best; you truly never know what these judges will do. So far they look like the bad physicians following the money. And they look like they've prepared themselves with cash, which is difficult for probate to get. Although the big time lawyers of Broening Law will try. The lower courts in Az are part of the economic fiber. Isaac's cash, how long can it last?? I really want to stick around and find out.

These entries are available

These entries are available for all to see, but one really wonders whom reads them? Although it would seem that the decades ago these types of cases would actually destroy a physicians' practice, today it is barely a small speed bump. One has to continue to pursue the truth and bring it forward in court. Will the evidence be allowed to come forward. The escaping of responsibility is unusual to me. We shall see the level of corruption, and it truly maybe too much for the general public to absorb. Perhaps the general public feels that it doesn't effect them, its always the 'other' person that gets maimed and not me. However, the cost of close to a million to repair Karla Davis came from somewhere? It came from you and I and was wasted because a man shouldn't be doing surgery; in the U.S. there is no monitoring system. They claim peer review, AKA 'What a Joke'. The third leading cause of death, for all ages in the U.S. is medicalmals. But we're expendable so it no longer matters!!

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